Uncover the Haunting Secrets of Lancaster with the Ghost Tour of Lancaster City

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Lancaster, Pennsylvania, known for its rich history and charming Amish country, holds a darker side waiting to be explored. The Ghost Tour of Lancaster City invites you to join them for an evening of spine-chilling tales, haunted locations, and hidden secrets that have lurked in the shadows of this historic city for centuries.

Embark on a candlelight walking tour through the heart of downtown Lancaster, where a costumed guide will lead you through the city’s most haunted spots. As you navigate the dimly lit streets, you’ll discover the long-forgotten mysteries and otherworldly vigils that have left an indelible mark on Lancaster’s past.

Your journey begins at the iconic Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Penn Square, located at the intersection of King and Queen Streets. From there, you’ll be transported back in time as your guide regales you with tales of fatal curses, star-crossed lovers, and restless spirits that refuse to leave their earthly dwellings.

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One of the tour’s highlights is the Central Market, the oldest continuously operating farmers’ market in the United States. Here, you’ll learn about the phantoms that are said to roam the market’s halls, forever tied to the building’s storied history. You’ll also encounter the enigmatic “Walking Tombstone,” a mysterious grave marker with a chilling tale to tell.

As you make your way through the city, you’ll pass by the old jail, where the spirits of former inmates are believed to still linger, forever trapped within its walls. Your guide will share the tragic stories of these lost souls and the circumstances that led to their eternal imprisonment.
The Ghost Tour of Lancaster City is not for the faint of heart. With 300 years of haunted history to explore, you’ll be immersed in the Red Rose City’s thorny past, uncovering the secrets that have been buried deep within its streets and buildings.

Tickets for this unforgettable experience are $24 per person ($16 for ages 4-12) and must be purchased in advance. Due to tour size limitations, tickets are not exchangeable between locations and are non-refundable. Please note that participants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

If you’re looking for a unique gift idea, consider purchasing a Ghost Tour gift certificate. The recipient can choose the date that works best for them, and you can even add the “Ghost Stories of Lancaster, PA” book to your gift for an extra touch of haunting history.
The Ghost Tour of Lancaster City runs on weekends throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Be sure to check the schedule and book your spot early, as these tours are incredibly popular and tend to fill up quickly.

Featured in numerous publications, including USA Today, lancasteronline.com, and The Kennett Paper, the Ghost Tour of Lancaster City has been thrilling visitors and locals alike since 1995. Don’t miss your chance to uncover the haunting secrets that lie just beneath the surface of this charming Pennsylvania city.
Book your tickets now and prepare to be captivated by the otherworldly tales and chilling atmospheres that await you on the Ghost Tour of Lancaster City. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget!

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