Freiman Stoltzfus Gallery: A Testament to Lancaster County’s Artistic Heritage

Where Art and Lancaster County Intertwine

Freiman Stoltzfus Gallery, located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, showcases the work of Freiman Stoltzfus, a native Lancastrian and one of the county’s favorite artists for nine years running. Born into an Amish-Mennonite family, Stoltzfus discovered his artistic talent early on, inspired by his community and encouraged by his mother. He studied at The National Academy and Arts Students League in New York City, mastering various media such as painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, collage, and sculpture.

Stoltzfus’s work reflects his diverse interests, from the beauty of the seasons to the intricacy of Amish quilts, and from Gothic architecture to music. His art invites viewers to explore the expressions of the human spirit, celebrating joy and color while also embracing the melancholy and reflective aspects of life.

The Freiman Stoltzfus Gallery offers a range of original art, prints, and gift items, each piece crafted to evoke emotions and tell a story. Visitors can request information about original art, including pricing, framing options, and hand-embellishment of prints.

Stoltzfus’s passion for art and adventure has led him to travel throughout Europe and the Middle East, studying language, music, and art. In 2010, he was awarded a residency with sculptor Greg Wyatt in Hastings, New York, and also studied with Italian conceptual artist Maurizio Pellegrin and National Academician Rhoda Sherbell.

Commitment & Vision

The gallery is a testament to Stoltzfus’s commitment to sharing his vision with the world. His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in Pennsylvania, New York, Switzerland, and France, and is held in private and corporate collections both in the United States and abroad.

Visiting the Freiman Stoltzfus Gallery is like embarking on a journey through the heart and soul of Lancaster County. Each piece of art tells a story, captures a moment, and invites exploration. The gallery offers a welcoming and inspiring environment that celebrates the power of art to transform and enrich lives.

As Stoltzfus says, “Art is the most profound expression of the human spirit. We all share it in many ways; sometimes joyous and vivid, at times melancholy and reflective. Art, like life, is unstoppable.” The Freiman Stoltzfus Gallery is a testament to this belief, offering a space where art and life intertwine, and where the essence of Lancaster County is captured in every piece.

If you find yourself in Lancaster County, be sure to visit the Freiman Stoltzfus Gallery. Immerse yourself in the beauty and depth of Stoltzfus’s work, and discover the essence of this remarkable region through the eyes of one of its most beloved artists.

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